3C Consumer Electronics

In the digital information age, it provides complete supporting power supply solutions for consumer digital products.

  • PD Changer

    To provide customers with the best charging and storage system solutions, so that every end-user around the world can feel safe、 fast、intelligent、portable、extreme personalized charging and storage experience. Support QC, PD, PPS, FCP, AFC, BC, APPLE and other general fast charging protocols, easy to cope with the charging needs of different devices such as computers, mobile phones and tablets.

  • GaN Charger

    Power technology is at the forefront of the industry, equipped with third-generation semiconductor technology, using high-performance GaN “black technology ”to make charging solutions more efficient and convenient.

  • Intelligent Power Strip

    All-round player, multi-device compatible, A top N, contracting all consumer digital charging and storage services. Provide customers with diversified, safe and reliable consumer electronics charging and storage solutions.