Power Station

ShenZhen Aquilstar from research and development to production, the energy storage power supply has gone through 9 strict quality inspection procedures, which meets the national safety standards, ensures safe electricity consumption, and has a longer service life. A variety of output interfaces are suitable for various equipment power supply.

1200W Power Station

Portable multifunctional outdoor power station, with the following product application scenarios:

1. Outdoor gatherings

2. Location assignment

3. Self driving travel

Product Details
  • Rate power:1200W

  • Rate capacity:1331Wh

  • Standard capacity:3.2V 415000mAh

  • Overload protection:2000W+/-100W_x000b_

  • AC output:110V+/-10% 

  • Output waveform:Sine wave

  • USB A output:18W(QC 3.0)

  • Type C output:PD100W

  • Cigarette lighter output:12V 15A

  • DC plug Output:12V 6A

  • AC input voltage/power:110V/600W

  • Safety standard:UL2743

  • EMC standard:EN55032,EN55035,EN61000

  • Part 15 Subpart B

  • CISPR 32,CISPR24

  • Operation temperature:-10℃~40℃

  • Storage temperature:-20℃~70℃

  • Humidity:5%~95%RH

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