PC Power

ATX 3.0 1300 W Platinum, using LLC resonance + synchronous rectification + DC-DC design, 8 PCI ports, OVP, UVP, OCP, OPP, SCP, OTP 6 big protection.

ATX 3.0 1300W Platinum

Product Details
  • Meet the latest Intel ATX3.0 standards, and PCI Express 12VHPWR.

  • The interior adopts modular design to improve space utilization, 

  • reduce risks and improve productivity

  • Lower output ripple (available with backplane capacitance surface)

  • The output voltage fluctuation rate is small

  • Longer output hold time

  • In the same size condition, power to 1300W, higher power density, smaller volume

  • "Output has more options, more ports than the same type, a tota

  • l of 8 PCI ports (PCI and CPU cable blind plug) and 2 PCI5.0 ports, 

  • 5 HDD,SATA ports"

  • The series power supply +12V ultra-high power output, single current output can reach 99% of rated power, long-term OPPeration maintains stable output voltage, and can be equipped with high-end graphics cards on the market.

  • Using LLC distortion resonance+synchronous rectification +DC-DC design, the efficiency meets the 80Puls 115V internal platinum standard, and the efficiency is as high as 92% under typical load.

  • Full module design, the shell size is only 140*150*86mm, which is more compatible with a variety of different sizes of chassis than the 190mm shell.

  • 90° ATX3.0 Transfer wire

  • Ultra-Quiet Intelligent Temperature Control Design.

  • High Power Density.

  • Protections including:OVP,UVP,OCP,OPP,SCP,OTP.

  • Rated Power: 1300W

  • Certification: CB

  • Size: 140x150x86mm

  • Fan: FDB Bearing


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