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Aquilstar 35W double type-c GaN charger

The appearance of Aquilstar 35W double type-c GaN charger is full of a sense of technology. At present, it has two colors, black and white.


The high-gloss design of the black outer edge is more layered, the lines are delicate, and it is very textured when you get it.

The white is simple, and the outer edge is bright, which increases the sense of fashion. The edge is treated with rounded corners, and there are no edges and corners around the body, which is relatively round. The body shell is made of white PC flame retardant material, and the surface is frosted to increase the texture.

Interface and rated power


The ASGAN15 charger has a double Type C, interface with a maximum power of 35W.It provides strong support for fast 

charging, which can charge a mobile phone and a tablet, or a mobile phone and a notebook. 

Support agreement

The compatibility of ASGAN15 charger is very good, which can meet most mainstream fast 

charging protocols. It not only supports the common PD protocol and QC protocol, but also Huawei's SCP protocol, and 

Samsung's AFC protocol.


At the same time, the ASGAN15 charger can support a voltageof 100V to 240V, which can be used directly when traveling abroad!


Degree of heat 

Charged with the Macbook Pro and iPhone for 1 hour. The temperature of the charger is not hot.

Volume and Size

The GaN charger is very light only 78.5g.

The size is only 49mm*38mm*31mm.

Portable and safe interface folding design not only saves 

space, but also facilitates storage without damaging other items in the bag.

The charging protocol protects the device, and you don't have to worry about charging your electronic products.

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