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Aquilstar 65W GaN charger ASGAN10 series

The ASGAN10 series are 65W GaN chargers that combine technology and 

appearance level.


Black and white two classic colors, black edge highlight design,white 

simple and generous. It looks like a jelly.


Small size, large energy


It is small and light. The size is 45 * 43 * 37mm.


Folding pin storage design, easy to carry.We do not worry about 

scraping other objects.


The flat section design can meet the requirements of safety 

distance and fit the socket well for stable use.


Built-in GAN chip, with a smaller body to everyone in exchange for high 

pressure resistance, high frequency, high stability of the use of characteristic.


The 65W Max is easily fully charged 


Single Type C , blue adhesive core, 65W Max output, debris time can fill the phone. Both Android and Apple can be used.


The maximum output power is 65W, which can quickly provide 

energy for high-power devices such as Xiaoxin Pro/Air, MacBook, ThinkPad, etc.


About 2.5 hours filled with Xiaoxin Air14, about 1.5 hours 

filled with MacBook Air13.


Low-temperature fast-charged GaN chip


The chip integrates GaN MOS tube, high performance transformer, capacitor and 

other components, with high energy efficiency conversion rate, small loss, and charging is not easy to get hot.


Global use supports overseas exports


Support 100V to 240V voltage input, to meet the voltage of different 

coutries and areas, which can also be used abroad.


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